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With our online course Soco Academy, you can start learning new skills tonight in your pyjamas or during your commute in the morning. Don't let "I'm too busy" be an excuse stopping you from learning how to expertly overcome objections, present your solution effectively and close the sale quickly.

  • Mobile Ready

    Start learning new sales skills now from anywhere in the world. Minimise downtime by learning where and when you want with our mobile ready platform.

  • Social Learning

    E-learning doesn’t have to be lonely. Collaborate with colleagues or others in your industry so you can share ideas and help each other achieve greater success together.

  • Bragging Rights

    Get badges upon completion of modules and a certificate upon completion of the program. All digitally ready to share on your LinkedIn profile and with employers.

  • Rapid Learning

    Our videos are kept deliberately short at 3 to 7 minutes long. This means you don’t have to dedicate hours of uninterrupted time to learn a new topic. Learn something new in 3 minutes!

Get Certified in Soco Selling

A well prepared sales sequence means the difference between a “yes” and a “no” at the end. We cover the entire sales process from assessing the customer's needs to provide the right solution, to closing the sale.

  • Selling the Right Solution

    Don’t blindly pitch your products or services. Instead use a tailored needs assessment to find out exactly what to sell.

  • Negotiating the Sale

    When negotiation is done correctly, both sides feel like they got the best deal and no one walks away empty handed.

  • Closing the Sale

    Too many people go through the sales process without asking for the sale or even knowing what it takes to close a sale.

  • Powerful Sales Pitches

    A well executed sales presentation starts with knowing what to include and how to deliver it.

  • Handling Objections

    Don’t be afraid of objections, instead learn how to use them to further the sale.

  • Features and Benefits

    Learn how to focus on the features and benefits that matter to your customers.

  • Preparing for Success*

    With the proper preparation, the sales sequence goes smoothly with minimal surprises.

  • Consultative Selling*

    No one likes a pushy salesperson, instead learn how to position yourself as a valuable resource to your client’s buying decision.

  • Communication Styles

    Learn how to speak your prospect’s ‘language’ based on their personality style.

  • Building Rapport*

    People buy from people they know, like and trust. It’s essential to know how to build rapport quickly.

  • Standout From Competition

    In today’s market you need to standout and prove what makes you better and different from your competition. You’ll learn strategies to do just that.

*Preparing for Success, Consultative Selling and Building Rapport will be available in Q1 2019.

Sample Course Clips


  • Presentation Perfection Course

    In Presentation Perfection you’ll learn how to overcome objections, assess the needs of your customer, demonstrate features and benefits, negotiate the sale, deliver a powerful sales presentation and most importantly how to close easily.

  • Differentiation Dominance Course

    Sign up for our Presentation Perfection course and get free access to our Differentiation Dominance mini course for the duration of your subscription.

  • Social Selling: How to Prospect, Position and Present Using Social Media eBook

    Get this eBook included for free and learn how to close sales using social media.

  • The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business eBook

    Get this eBook included for free and continue your learning

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