Identifying Ways to Reach Customers

Identifying ways to reach customers

Identify the top-3 ways of consistently reaching a large number of your ideal target customer, is the first step in prospecting.

After having done your niche-detecting and identifying your ideal target customer it naturally becomes easier to develop a strategy to reach them. Success in prospecting requires a systematic process of locating potential customers which includes:

  1. Increasing the number of prospects
  2. Improving the quality of prospects
  3. Shortening the sales cycle by qualifying prospects

The goal of prospecting is to build a prospect base, a list of current and potential customers.

There are several sources of prospects. To name a few you can gain new prospect through:

  • referrals from past customers
  • directories that list your target audience
  • advertising or writing in publications
  • exhibiting or attending trade shows
  • cold calling
  • sending out sales letters or emails
  • leads from your website
  • marketing to databases
  • networking

If you’re more comfortable behind the scenes, this could include writing and submitting articles to newspapers and websites, publishing a newsletter, blogging, using facebook and twitter.

If you’re more comfortable in face-to-face situations, this could include cold-calling, going to networking events, interviews on television and radio, and speaking at conferences.

With so many sources of prospects it’s important to identify the top-3 ways of consistently reaching a large number of your ideal target customer so you can maximize your impact and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Here’s a trick I recommend, focus 80% of your efforts based on what has worked for you in the past, 10% on what your competitors are doing and 10% on what no-one in your industry is doing.