The Tools and Training You Need To Increase Sales

More than an online course, SOCO Selling Academy is a complete system designed to help you master the entire sales process as quickly as possible.

Solutions for Sales Teams

Using SOCO Selling Academy, staff can learn how they want and when they want, minimising downtime. Teams benefit from a private group for collaboration and sharing of best practices between coworkers as well as a leader portal to allow managers to aid in the learning process.

Solutions for Sales Professionals

Close more deals faster and easier than ever before. Now you can master the entire sales process from top to bottom of the sales funnel in a 1-stop portal. Learning is accelerated through online networking with fellow sales professionals, Q&A with instructors and live webinars.

Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Master the skills needed to bring in more business. A great product or service isn’t enough to close deals, these days entrepreneurs need to master the art of selling to survive in the ocean of competition. Learn how to position your product or service as the ideal solution.

Learn the Skills Needed to Close Sales Faster and Easier

Master every stage of the sales process from prospecting, to presenting, to closing, to generating repeat business.

Differentiate from Competition

Stop losing business to competitors and start positioning yourself and your products as the ideal solution.

Build Rapport with Prospects

Start building working relationships with your customers to develop loyal, long term clients.

Negotiate the Sale

How can both you and your customer get what they want? By effectively negotiating the sale.

Overcome Objections

Don’t get stumped by objections, instead learn how to overcome them effectively to close more sales.

Deliver Effective Sales Presentations

Learn the winning formula for a powerful sales presentation.

Proven Closing Techniques

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Too many sales professionals go through the whole sales process, but skip asking for the sale.

Cutting Edge Sales Training Platform

Learn where and when you want with a system designed to maximise completion rates and retention.

Mobile Ready

Start learning new sales skills now. Minimise downtime by learning where you want and when you want with our mobile ready platform.

Social Learning

E-learning doesn’t have to be lonely. Collaborate with colleagues or others in your industry so you can share ideas and help each other achieve greater success together.

Get Feedback

Got a question? Ask your instructor. Not only do you get personalised feedback, you also get access to a forum so you can see how others are handling similar challenges.

Live Webinars

By integrating live webinars, individuals get the customisation and interactivity they need to maximise retention, implementation and completion rates.

Sample Course Clips