Don’t Use Price To Differentiate

I was at a networking event the other day and a real-estate lady comes up to me, hands me her business card and says ‘I give high referral-commission’. And that was it, that was her differentiator! She was pretty much trying to bribe people to give her business. Common! She’s leading with the price to differentiate. The thing is, she not alone. 

Salespeople everywhere are leading with ‘I give the biggest discounts, I have the lowest price, I will give you a good deal’. They do all of this because they don’t know how else to differentiate from the competition.

But really, no one is going to buy something no matter how cheap it is if they don’t think it will work, it’ll still be a waste of their money.

Instead you need to learn why you’re better and different from the competition.

It all comes down to positioning. While there’s no right or wrong answer, you need to pick at least one differentiator to stand out from your competition.

In SOCO Academy, you’ll learn how to position yourself and determine how you’re different or better than the competition.