More than online sales training, SOCO Academy is a complete blended learning system to maximise results.

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Tools and Training to Increase Sales


Sales Teams

Using SOCO Academy, staff can learn how they want and when they want, minimising downtime. Teams benefit from a private group for collaboration and sharing of best practices between coworkers as well as a leader portal to allow managers to aid in the learning process.

Sales Professionals

Close more deals faster and easier than ever before. Now you can master the entire sales process from top to bottom of the sales funnel in a 1-stop portal. Learning is accelerated through online networking with fellow sales professionals, Q&A with instructors and live webinars.


Master the skills needed to bring in more business. A great product or service isn’t enough to close deals, these days entrepreneurs need to master the art of selling to survive in the ocean of competition. Learn how to position your product or service as the ideal solution.