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Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm GMT +8. Closed all public holidays.

Common Q&A

Before messaging us, please see if any of the bellow answers your questions.

Quiz - Failed 5 or More Times

Please try to fully watch and understand all videos before taking the quiz as you're only give 5 attempts. If you fail too may times and would like to try again, please use the above form and we will reset a couple tries for you once only.

Stop Subscription / Update Credit Card Details

To stop your subscription or update your credit card details, please log in to ThriveCart update using the instructions on the Subscriptions page

Sounds Not On

Many web browsers have recently updated their settings so that the sound of video will not be on when a video 'autoplays'. Because of this you may experience no sound on videos. If this is the case, with each new video you will need to turn on the sound at the speaker buttons shown on the images below. On mobile devices you can also try to turn up the volume which should activate the sound of the video.

Reset Password

If you have lost or would like to reset your password, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the log in page and click 'Lost your password?'
  2. Enter you email address (use the one associated with your account)
  3. Press reset password
  4. Look for the notice that says 'Check your email for your confirmation link'
  5. Check your email and Spam folder for an email titled [Soco Academy] Password Reset from
  6. Click the link in your email
  7. Either use the automatically generated password or delete and enter your own desired password. Note, the password must be STRONG.
  8. Copy it
  9. Log in again using the password you copied
  10. Keep the password in a safe place

Make sure to check your spam folder as some times the emails go there.


If you have completed watching all videos and passed all quizzes inside of a course you will automatically be emailed your certification. You can also download your certificate from the course page of each course. Below are shortcuts to all of the courses.

If your name is long and it does not display correctly, please use the above form to inform us and we'll send you updated certificates.

Completing a Course

To complete a course all videos must be watched and all quizzes must be completed with a passing grade. The lesson will have a green tick mark next to it when it is completed.

If you have watched all videos but the lesson is not showing up as complete, check the status of the quiz. If there is not a green tick mark next to it, the quiz has not been passed yet. If you have already failed the quiz too many times and can't take the quiz any more, email support using the form above to have us reset a couple tries for you.

Locked Out

If you get a locked out, error or forbidden message it's often because of too many failed log in attempts. Wait 15 minutes and try again or contact us at the form above to have us help reset the access for you.

Video Won't Automatically Move to Next Video

If a video/topic you're watching doesn't automatically move to the next video or topic you can use the sidebar to navigate to the next or other topics.

Sometimes, videos won't autocomplete because they need to be marked as complete.