AMC Discovery Call With Prospect Who Doesn’t Have A Pressing Need

Topics AMC Discovery Call With Prospect Who Doesn’t Have A Pressing Need

1. Reaffirm what they said and what they’re looking for

It sounds like you’ve been in the role for a year-and-a-half. It’s fairly, fairly new. It’s interesting to hear, Troy, that you’re the very first ED they’ve ever had. The society is really in an interesting stage or development right now. It sounds like you’re looking for some board development and maybe around governance just to get some clarity around roles and responsibilities. Is that right?

Rather than a working board. 

Yeah, absolutely.

What sort of timeframe were you looking at, Troy, as far as maybe doing some work with the board?

Oh, very good. 


Got you. Nothing other than the title. 

Right. Okay.

Right. Okay.

Kudos to you, guys, for having your planning session coming up in October. I think that’s going to be a really great exercise for the board and probably quite eye-opening as well. 

There’s a couple of things we can do, Troy. Just some ideas kind of float around my head.

Number one, not to put any time pressure on you, guys, but quite often, boards engage us to do governance training simultaneously with strategic planning. If you had any time or budget at all, October might be a good time to squeeze in, let’s say, a third day. If that work for people to kind of tack on a governance session – either a half day or a full day. That’s one option.

Another option is maybe three or four months down the road, once you start to execute that plan. Maybe in the New Year, let’s say in January or something like that, we start looking at doing a governance session. 

For sure.

Right. Okay.


It sounds like that the appetite will be there once we’ve kind of proven that the revenues can match the expenses at that time.

Everything’s working fine. 

Well, that sounds great, Troy. 

How about we do this. Would you like me to send you just a little bit of info about the complimentary model of board governance, what a governance session might look like. I can send you just a short little quote on what the investment would look like. And then maybe we make a note to touch base early in the New Year. 

Sounds great, Troy.

Look out for some info in the next few days and if you have any questions between now and the New Year, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we’ll touch base likely in December or January.

It’s my pleasure, Troy. You take care.

Bye bye.

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