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Now it’s time to complete the negotiating worksheet. This worksheet is going to help you get prepared for your next negotiating scenario.

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So what are you going to find on this worksheet? You’re going to find an opportunity for you to write down what is your offering. What is the product or service that you are going to be negotiating. So you want to write that down.

You also want to write down what is your asking price. What’s the list price? What’s that amount? You’ve got to be clear going in. So many people I deal with when you ask them how much something costs, sometimes they don’t have that number. They have to go back and check. Instead, be prepared. Write that number down.

You also want to write down in this worksheet what is the absolute lowest amount that you’re willing to accept for this product or service. What is your absolute bottom line? And you will not go below that amount. Maybe you up the price a little bit so you’ve got a cushion or a buffer.

What’s that slight mark up? What’s that buffer? What’s that cushion? What is the absolute lowest amount that you will go in a negotiation? Write that down.

At the same time, you’d also write down what’s the maximum discount so you could write, do one or the other. What’s the lowest amount you’ll take or what’s the highest discount you’re willing to offer. You don’t waver on these things. You write those numbers down.

That’s what we talked about before about not being emotional, be rational. Have the numbers in front of you and you’re simply following this, you’re simply reading this. It’s a lot easier. It distances yourself from this process.

You’ll also find in the worksheet, you’re going to write down what are some things that you’re willing to offer instead of giving them a discount. What are some things that you could throw in? Some value add, some bonuses, some additional merchandise, maybe some tech support, some high perceived value, low real cost add-ons. So what are you going to include there? Come prepared.

But, of course, keep those in your back pocket. Don’t lead with that. But you keep that in your little worksheet that you can pull out one-by-one slowly when and if needed.

And then, finally, you’re going to want to include on this worksheet what are some things that you want. In addition to the money. What would you want them to offer you?

Maybe it would be an introduction to three potential customers or three leads. Maybe it would bet hey send some of your marketing material to some of their customers. Maybe it’s a joint venture or a partnership. Maybe that’s what you want.

Maybe what you want is for them to make a 50% deposit now with the balance later. Or maybe what you want, in exchange for a discount, is a payment in full in advance.

There’s no right or wrong answer but you need to have those answers and you need to be prepared. Put them on the worksheet so that when you go into that negotiation, you are ready to go.

That’s how you can win in negotiating and that wraps up this part.


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