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Teams that like and trust each other work better together. They collaborate more, they go out of their way to help each other and they look out for one another.

Share in the comments, ways you foster a team environment at your work. 💬

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So it’s important to create a team environment. You can do this by encouraging collaboration and group brainstorming sessions. Get everyone involved in a project, actively sharing ideas and helping each other achieve their goals. This must be done in a positive environment where new ideas are celebrated not dismissed.

It’s also helpful to organise offsite events and team building sessions. It can be as simple as a round of drinks, a sports game, a golf outing, or an official team building program. 

The goal is to get your team to genuinely relax, have fun, and build stronger relationships in a natural way.

Here are SOCO we start our weekly team meetings by talking about our weekend and new movies or shows we watched. We get to learn more about each other’s hobbies and interests which brings us closer together. 

We also have a team chat channel in Slack to share random things we find interesting. Team members share silly photos of their kids or pets and our videographer shared a great short film he was part of.

We go out for regular dinners or drinks to celebrate the different religious holidays, allowing us to learn about each other’s cultures and food.

Slowly but surely, as your team starts to bond, a team environment gets created. And with an increasing team environment, trust is built as well. 

Share in the comments, ways you foster a team environment at your work.


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