Don’t Present, Have a Discussion

Topics Don’t Present, Have a Discussion

Always remember, when selling remotely, don’t present. Instead, have a discussion. Most of us present off a slide, when that happens you may tend to talk off of it and pitch first in a meeting.

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Don’t present. Don’t pitch. Make it interactive. Don’t talk for a long time without getting feedback. Make it a discussion, a conversation. Over a video call, there is nothing worst than pitching to people.

In our sales calls with prospects, we make sure to check in often on whether our services or product features are useful for us to elaborate on or if there are other things they would like us to focus on. We have a conversation.

“So we have a range of topics we could dive into, from the slides shown which would be most useful for you on a glance?”. “So this first topic is on having the right sales mindset and attitude, is this an area your team struggles with?”. “What are some areas your team struggles with?” Always be engaging your customers. Have a conversation.

We’d rather have a conversation than just a “sales-situation”. It should be a session where people are discussing things, suggestions are put out and  ideas to make it work are thrown out back and forth, not you pitching and selling. So remember, focus on having a conversation with a visual aid. It’s different.


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