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Topics Find Your Company’s Differentiator (cloudhosted)

Let’s talk about how you can find your company’s points, or point, of differentiation.

So we’ve talked about, and you’ve seen in these videos, of different ways that you can differentiate. Now it’s time to figure out how you can find out what exactly are your points of differentiation. How do you stand apart from the competition?

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So the first tip that I would have, something you need to do right away, is that you need to go on your own company website. There are so many sales professionals that I work with that have never even been on their own company website.
Your marketing department has probably done a great job of determining and communicating on their website, on your website, your company’s differentiators. But maybe you’re just not up to speed yet, right? You’re busy. You’re out there selling. You’re talking to customers. Maybe you’re not quite clear on what exactly is the company message. What is your brand? So find out.

Go on your website and take a look. What’s your messaging? What are some of the key points that are being communicated to customers on your website? What is your USP? Your Unique Selling Position, Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Points.
What are all of the products and services that you’re offering? How are you delivering them? What’s your pricing strategy? What are the various packages you offer at the different prices? What are the levels of service that are included in those packages? You need to find out.

So go on your website. Talk to your manager, your boss, and your supervisor. Sit down with them and ask them to share with you. “Hey, how do we differentiate? How are we different from our top 3 competitors?”
You could also talk with your co-workers, your colleagues, or other sales professionals. Ask them, “Hey, what’s our differentiator? Why should customers choose us over the competition? How are you closing deals?” Learn from your peers and colleagues.

You can also talk to people in other departments and find out what’s their experience. What do they see as your points of differentiation? Try talking to customers and ask them why did they choose you over the competition.
You see, there are so many ways that you can find out. You need to get out there; explore and investigate to find out what are your points of differentiation.
For example, maybe your company sells insurance. So maybe you’re an insurance agent. Well, you might find that there’s a lot of general insurance practitioners out there, and a lot of general insurance companies. Maybe your company is one of the few, or only, that offers critical illness insurance or terrorism insurance. Not many companies do that. Maybe yours does. If so, you want to communicate that message to your customers.

One tip to summarize this. How do you find out how to differentiate? You need to do your research. Get on your website. Also get on the website of your top 3 competitors. Find out what they’re doing, what you’re doing, and where are those gaps? Where are there opportunities for you to fill in those gaps? That’s how you can stand apart and communicate that message to your customers.


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