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When it comes to remote selling, first off, your video meetings need to be highly structured, remember that every minute on a video call feels a lot longer than a face to face meeting. 

So you can’t just hop on a zoom call and play it by ear to see how it goes. You need to be very structured to make the best use of the time. 

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This is especially relevant now more than ever when people are experiencing ‘Zoom fatigue’. So you need to keep your video meetings short, sweet, planned out and get to the point.

So have a simple structure for how the video call will go and send the agenda out to your prospect before every remote selling meeting so they know what to expect. 

You’ll want to plan out what visuals you’ll use, what questions you’ll ask, have your common objections and answers ready, your case studies and examples, have your pricing ready. I go in to more depth on what to include in a sales presentation in the ‘Selling your Solution – Presentation Perfection’ course in SOCO Academy. So check that out for more ideas on what to include. So you want to plan out everything you want to go over with your prospect and how you’ll keep them engaged on the call.

Also, if much of your information is on webpages, make sure you have these loaded in tabs already so if you’re going to be doing screen sharing, those pages are already loaded and ready to go. Don’t waste time typing in urls and waiting for it to load.

I also recommend keeping a digital note with links to key pages. That way you can copy the link and paste it in the chat quickly and easily right there on the call for your prospect to open and explore on their own computer.

Also have a folder of any PDFs you want to share with them ready to go. These might be brochures, pricing tables, quotations, case studies. What ever your sales materials are, have them handy and ready to share.

As I’ve said before, when it comes to remote selling, you have to be highly organised and prepared for every call. Make sure you have AT LEAST 30 minutes before every call to get organised and clear on how you want the call to go.


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