How to Differentiate Your Company from Competitors (cloudhosted)

Topics How to Differentiate Your Company from Competitors (cloudhosted)

Let’s talk now about how companies can differentiate from their competitors. How you, as a sales professional, can differentiate and stand apart from your competitors.

There’s a few different points of differentiation. We talked about this in branding, positioning, and differentiation. You could call it any one of those things. But at the end of the day, it’s about how do you stand apart from your competition. And there’s a few ways that we’re going to dig deeper into different sessions in this course. But I’m going to give you a brief overview right now.

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So, you can differentiate in terms of established. Are you an established brand or are you a new comer? Are you a high-priced luxury brand or are you a low cost brand? Maybe you stand apart in terms of service. Maybe you offer just the best level of service possible. Lots of hands on care. Maybe you’re the opposite, no frills. No support at all. And, as a result, you’re probably low cost.

Maybe you stand apart in terms of being specialized, niche, targeted, and focused. Or maybe you go the complete opposite and you’re a generalist. A jack of all trades and you do a little bit of everything. Maybe that’s where you differentiate. Maybe you’re a technology leader. Maybe you’re the hottest, newest thing. Or maybe you’re just established. You’ve been around. You’re the go-to people, the experts in a certain space.

So there’s really no right or wrong. There’s no perfect way to differentiate but you need to differentiate. Brands that kind of hover in the middle are the ones that get lost. They end up just competing on price and getting lost in the sea of competitors. So what we need to do, or what you need to do is to pick a side.


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