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When you are selling remotely, you need to be an expert of the platform you’re using and the IT support for your meeting attendees. You need to be able to troubleshoot and figure out how to help them with any IT issues they might have. You need to keep them calm and stress free and help them overcome the issues quickly and calmly.

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If it’s the first time your customer is using your video platform, spend 2 minutes at the start of the call giving them a brief orientation on how to use it so they feel comfortable during the conversation.

So make sure you practice and master your video calling platform before you use if for the first time, figure out what all of the buttons and options do.

Make sure you are able to use chat functions, to share files, to share your screen, to be able to mute and unmute yourself, to assign a different host or co-host, how to record or stop recording of the call and how to change your mic and video inputs. 

The thing is with you being the service provider, you’ll need to use whatever platform your customer or prospect wants to use. For me, I’ve probably used 10 different platforms with different customers already and there are always new platforms being added so I’m sure that number will go up.

Sometimes their company doesn’t allow them to use the platform you normally use so you need to be comfortable with all platforms. Research new ones ahead of the call and watch tutorials on how to use it. Log in extra early to make sure you have time to download the new software if needed and have time to set things up and feel comfortable.

Besides mastering the platform you’ll be using you also need to make sure you have a strong and stable internet (ideally hardwired), great sound and decent lighting (more on that later). 

The last thing we want on a 30min call is to spend 10-15 minutes of the time bumbling and fumbling and trying to figure out IT issues. That doesn’t help you build confidence with your customer, but you being able to help THEM with IT issues does.  


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