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You have to be highly organised when it comes to remote selling. Once you have secured a meeting, you’ve got to lock it in with an email confirmation of the meeting. 

Here is how that confirmation could look like. 

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First, provide a reason for meeting, by giving them a topic they might look forward to. It could sound something like this:

”Just a friendly reminder about our upcoming meeting tomorrow about adopting our banking solution, or potentially becoming channel partners, or about buying this property (insert the benefit to whatever you’re selling)”. 

Not many people provide the reasons for meetings, when you do that, you allow your customers to prepare and those who are busy, to quickly contextualise the meeting. 

We’ve also got to remember to provide Login instructions to the meeting. Remember that customers use different platforms and sometimes its not straight forward. 

Make sure to give them login instructions to prepare.

We also recommend creating a calendar invite and putting the virtual meetings details in the calendar event and sharing it with your prospect. How many times have you had a virtual meeting and wondered “what platform is this on again?”. Did I need to send them log in details or were they going to send me theirs.

Put everything in the calendar event and this will eliminate them searching through emails last minute to find the log in details. Again, your job is to make having a virtual meeting as easy as possible for them.

Next, provide a meeting agenda. You could say something like :”Here is a quick rundown of what we’ll be covering on the call: Where you are now, your goals for your company, and what are the challenges or concerns you are currently facing.”

Let them know its also around us providing what they need, and seeing if there is a fit.

You also need give ownership to your customer. Hold them accountable to it as well. To do that, you could add in something like:”Let me know if there is anything you would like to add, or change to this agenda”. 

How many times have you hopped on a call and the person goes “so what is this about? what do you want to talk about? You want to pitch to me or what?”  Remember that every meeting has to be a conversation and not a pitch! 

So you want to manage the expectations and set an agenda around “we are going to have a conversation about your company, your challenges, the solutions you need”.

Two things will happen when you apply this, your meetings will be smoother and cancellations and no shows will be reduced.

People push back on meetings because they don’t know what the meetings are about, but if its framed in terms of what they want. They are more likely to show up to the meeting.

Lastly always send a reminder the morning of your call. People get busy, people forget, people come up with excuses, but if you’re ready and you let them know  you’re preparing for the call you’ll immediately increase your chances of getting them on the call.

We invite you to make use of these templates when you are locking in meetings. You can also access the templates in the handouts.


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