Pencapaian menciptakan kepercayaan diri.

Topics Pencapaian menciptakan kepercayaan diri.

Pencapaian menciptakan kepercayaan diri. Makin sukses Anda sekarang, makin sukses Anda nanti. It very simple, the more successful you are, the more successful you become. It replicates, it builds on itself. Success breeds more success.

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You see this a lot with confident people who are doing really well, they tend to keep doing well, they keep succeeding. When you’re on a roll. you tend to keep going until something happens. And then some people that seem to have bad luck or they’re struggling, they’re down on their luck, they always seem to struggle and it’s hard for them to get out of that rut.

Success breeds more success. I’ve also learned that success leaves footprints. Success leaves footprints that leaves a trail. You don’t have to go at it alone, there’s a proven path to success. And you can learn from other people. You can learn from successful people and replicate what they’ve done in your own way, in a style that suits you. But why do we try to reinvent the wheel when there is often a proven path to success?

I want to take a moment, to compliment you, commend you for actually watching this video and take this course right now. Because you are learning how to become more successful. Success breeds success. Here’s an example, there’s something known as the confidence, competence circle. Something that I observe in myself and also other top sales professionals is the more confident they become or the more confident they are, the more competent they become. So, when you have confidence, you’re willing to risk things and try new things and challenge yourself when you’re confident. And sometimes you fail but sometimes you learn and then you build on that and you become more competent so you build that muscle. You try things, you risk, you learn, you get better. Then when your competence improves, all of a sudden so does your confidence. You start feeling better about yourself. Ready to take on the world that you can overcome any challenges, you get a swagger in your step. Which then allows you, gives you the energy you need, the confidence, to try new things and guess what? You become more competent. It’s a never-ending circle.

Success breeds success. If ever you are wondering, how do I overcome these new challenges? Or I’ve never sold in the B2B space or I used to sell in hospitality but I’ve never sold in technology sales or maybe I used to be an agent, an insurance agent and now I’m moving from insurance/financial services to real estate either commercial or residential. How do I succeed? You can draw upon your past success as inspiration for how you can sell them to this new space because even if it’s a new market, new industry, new segment or new vertical, the fundamentals of sales are the same. If you have the confidence then you can start building that competence and so on and so on. So, remember success breeds success.


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