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As you can imagine, the organized person is, well, very organized. They have lots of information, lots of data, and they keep everything right where it needs to be. Like that expression, there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. So that is the Organized communication style.

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Now, the Organized communication style has low sociability, just like the Closed, right? The Closed communication style and the Organized communication style are both in low sociability. What does that mean? They don’t like chit chat, they don’t want to get personal, they don’t want to find out about your personal relationships. They’re not interested in forming any kind of a friendship per se. They want to just get down to business and keep things at a profession level. That’s what they have in common with the Closed.

The difference though is the organized person doesn’t want bullet points. They don’t make decisions quickly. They don’t want summaries. They want detail. They want information and lots of it – just like the Supportive.

The Supportive also wants lots of information and takes their time to make decisions. However, the Supportive also has high sociability. Whereas the Organized has low sociability. So you want to keep these things in mind.

So, when dealing with an Organized communication style, you want to come across as very organized, very professional, structured, thorough, detailed, on time, and make sure that you’re giving them all the background information they need. You cannot rush them into making a decision. They don’t respond well to that type of pressure.

Instead try things like “I’m happy to send you all the information you need. Please take your time and review it carefully. This is a very important decision and you shouldn’t rush into it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to provide you with more supporting documents if needed.” The organized person will love hearing these things. That would drive the hurry person crazy, or an open person crazy. But Supportives and Organized, they love that.

The key to your success in consultative selling, the key to your success in sales, period, is to know your customer, know their communication style. Are they Supportive, Open, Closed, or Organized? You know how to find out.

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