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One of the keys to building rapport when selling remotely is using video.  Trust is critical in every sale when meeting face to face and when selling remotely. While it can be harder to do so selling remotely, there are proven ways to get around this.

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What makes it easier to build trust, is to use video. It makes connecting with prospects a whole lot easier. Whenever you use virtual meetings, make sure to turn on the video.

Even before this pandemic, we made sure we turned on the video whenever we sold virtually. You can see people’s body language, expressions, buying signals and your prospects can see yours. More importantly when you turn on your video, your customers feel more connected to you.

So start every remote selling meeting by first turning on your video, and requesting for prospects to turn on their camera. You could say something like :”Hey Tom here, it’s good to see you, I’ve turned on my camera so Its easier to connect, would you mind turning on yours too?”

There’s so much that can be learned through a person’s facial expressions, manner of speaking, office, and eye contact. 

When it comes to virtual selling its all about building rapport and connection with people as quickly as possible and video is the best way to do that. 

You can only see a customer’s reactions with the camera on. There is a difference when you ask a prospect, “How does that sound?” And a customer goes “yes” (nodding head with uncertainty) vs “How does that sound?” And a customer goes “ yes” (nodding head front and back affirmatively)”. You get to pick up on buying signals. If your customers can’t turn on their video, at the very least, you turn on your camera. Make sure they feel connected with you.

According to one survey done by Zoom Communications, 82% of respondents said video interactions created more trust and 91% of users said using videos raised engagement rates, leading to better mutual understanding over voice only calls.  

One thing to note though when requesting for the camera to be turned on, is to remain mindful of other people’s cultures and comfort on camera that may prohibit such a request, but don’t let that stop you from turning your camera on and asking politely if they’d like to do the same.


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