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When you are on a video call, bring your energy. Being energetic helps to build trust. Yes it can be tougher for some people who aren’t naturally animated, but you’re in sales so bring in all of the energy you have and make use of facial expressions and body language. 

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Here’s the thing: when you are selling remotely, you need to seize their attention. Remember that there’s less information transmitted remotely, and people are more likely to be distracted and overall less engaged in your meeting. Hence we need to capture and maintain their attention using various ways

One way is using hand gestures. When describing numbers, use your hands and explain “the first thing we will do, or we’ve got 2 options, this and this. (Tom to use hands to elaborate)

The reason why we need to do is because people absorb information and learn using a variety of ways. Some learn by hearing and maybe want to hear you talk or maybe they want to talk so its good to ask questions and have a conversation. Some are visual so you use slides, body language, gestures so that they can see what you’re talking about. Some people learn via tactile, the sense of touch. For these people, you get them to type! So you hit them in all their preferred modalities, all different ways. 

And you don’t have to overdo it, just be a little bit more energetic (10%) than you would in real life, be energetic enough that they actually enjoy meeting with you. This needs to apply in remote selling and in real life as well.

So start to capture, maintain and help people learn by being energetic, using gestures and visuals. Utilising this will take your remote selling conversations to a whole other level. 


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