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Sekarang mari kita bahas topik penutupan penjualan di mana Anda menggabungkan semuanya. Semuanya memuncak pada satu momen ini di mana mereka menandatangani kesepakatan, Anda mendapatkan cek setoran, Anda mendapatkan pesanan pembelian, dan Anda siap melanjutkan. Berikut cara melakukannya. This is where you put it all together. It culminates to this one moment where they sign on the dotted line, you get that deposit check, you get that purchase order and you’re ready to go. Here’s how you do it.

We’ve done the trial closes which is what do you think? How does that sound? Is there anything missing? Now it’s time to transition from those trial closes or soft closes to things that are a little bit more forceful. Things like what would you like to do next? That’s a close.

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What would you like to do next? How should we proceed? What’s the next step? How do we move forward from here? When can we get the purchase order? Would you like to get started? All we need now is a 50% deposit and you can get us working for you right away. These are all examples of more forceful closes. “What address should we send this shipment to?” That’s a very presumptive close.

For example in a retail environment. If you’ve been looking at a couple of jackets, maybe the sales representative might say “Well, which one would you like to get today, the red one or the blue one?” More forceful.

Of course the customer can say “Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not ready yet” but there’s a chance they might say “You know what, I’ll go with the blue one.” Sometimes you have to ask. It’s your job as a sales professional, not order taker, sales professional, to advance the sale to the closing stage.

You see, I meet so many sales professionals — literally thousands every year. These sales professionals, as they’re called, many of them are simply order takers. So if someone comes up to them and places an order, they will fulfill the order. Well, that’s easy. Anybody can do that. Very few of them will upsell or cross sell, make other recommendations. Even fewer will actually make recommendations to a prospective customer and actually try to sell something to them.

That’s your job in sales. Not just to close when somebody says “I’m ready to buy” but to encourage them, to move them along because sometimes they need someone to assert themselves and say “It looks like you want this product. Why don’t we get started?” “It seems like this is the best solution for you. Let’s get going.” “I can see you really like this product. Do you want to take it home today? You want to start owning this? Do you want to enjoy this? Let’s go.”

These are ways that you can close the sale. You need to be a bit more forceful. Take the direction, take ownership of your sales pipeline. It’s not up to your customer to fill your pipeline and to help you hit your commission. That’s your job.

Something I heard years ago was this. If you go through your whole presentation and demonstration but fail to ask for the sale and then they go to another company and that person closes that deal, all you’ve done is you warmed them up for the next sales person.

Finish what you start, close that sale. Find that delicate balance between art and science. You put those two things together, that’s an unstoppable combination. You will be unstoppable.


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