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There are a lot of different software solutions out there to make your remote selling journey easier.

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One of the tools we like using here at SOCO are meeting scheduling tools like Calendly. 

Trying to schedule a meeting can be a waste of time if we don’t make it easy for both parties, This is the best part about Calendly, we would proposing a day and time like: “how about a meeting at 10am tomorrow? If it doesn’t work simply select a better time via Calendly link here”. This allows you to make it just 1 round of back and forth instead of many email attempts.

Best of all you can sync your Calendly events with Zoom so when someone books a time for a virtual meeting, the Zoom meeting details are automatically created and shared with your prospect. You can even set up automatic appointment reminder emails to go out to save you from having to follow up manually.

When it comes to which video conferencing software to use, the best one is the one your customer wants to use. As I’ve mentioned before there are so many options out there, and they do mostly the same thing, the goal is to make meeting with you virtually as easy as possible for the other person.

Document collaboration and file sharing services can be very useful for virtual selling too.

We are currently using Google Docs and Dropbox. This allows us to always have ready shareable brochures, content and links to send over to prospects or customers in the fastest time possible. So get organised so information can be shared readily. 

When delivering virtual sales presentations you can do simple screen sharing and share webpages, files or even slides on the video call. If you want to get really fancy, you can try out Prezi Video that allows you to show graphics right in your video feed. This can be an appealing option because your video stays front and centre instead of being covered by slides and as we know, having your face visible helps build stronger relationships. So with Prezi Video your slides or graphics show up next to  your face instead of taking up the whole screen.

But really when it comes to virtual selling, you don’t have to go crazy with tech tools or fancy graphics. Nothing beats great relationship building, demonstrations and sales fundamentals to close deals online.


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