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We’ve covered a lot in this course . By following all these tips we have shared, this is going to help you turn pro in remote selling. Here is what we invite you to do for the next steps to really, turn pro.

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After this session, spend sometime to Identify the current weak spots in your remote selling. Are you struggling to build trust/rapport on calls? Are you struggling on the tech side either hardware or software? Do you need to raise your technology game on virtual backgrounds or webcams? Do you have all of the content you should be sending to your customers during the meeting nicely organised? 

Or maybe your weak spot is in how to run that meeting more effectively?

Whichever it is, I invite you to Identify your current weak spots. And then, come up with an action plan. What am I going to do? What are you going to do now, to improve on those identified areas and turn those weak spots into one of your biggest strengths. 

We are confident that if you apply these steps, you are going to take your sales to the next level and turn into a remote selling pro.


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